Unicorns and Dragons CD

Dan Marcotte is a Bard: Poet, Musician, and Storyteller. This CD is a collection of songs Dan has been performing at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin for the past several years. This music was created for folks at a Renaissance Faire, to raise cheer, and perhaps a beer, to melodies and lyrics both old and new. If you've ever been to a renaissance fair or wish you could, this is the CD for you. It is a collection of drinking songs, fighting songs, bawdy ballads and lovely airs, performed on renaissance lute and other period instruments. Tracks: Drink Man Drink, Greensleeves, Unicorns and Dragons, Don't Mess with the Druids, Loretta the Thief, Drink Drink, Drink, The Love Song of Truth, Emerald Eyes, Cruiscan Lan, Your Hazel Eyes, When Jack Was a Boy, Brown Eyes Bathed, Tom the Barbarian, My Work Doth Bite the Devil's Bum, We Be Soldiers Three, Farewell to Bristol.
Unicorns and Dragons CD
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